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Amazing River Kids

Thursdays 3:30

Episcopal Church Dixon, WY 

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Ark Starts Back
Thursday, Jan 12th, 2023

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Christmas Outreach

This year our ARK program will be reaching out to help others in need this Christmas Season! We will be building boxes for children in need in our State.  Our mission will partner with the Cathedral Home for Children. This organization helps children ages 12-18 years old but also serves crisis babies and toddlers.


They are in need of the following for their participants:

Socks, Thinsulate lined Gloves/Mittens, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Other Basic Teen Toiletries, Other Basic Teen and Children Clothing, Throw Blankets, stocking stuffers, age-appropriate games/crafts.


We encourage our ARK kids to do chores around the house for Parents/Grandparents/Other to earn money to pay for these gifts.  We will be collecting these items through the night of the Christmas Program and will be delivering quickly following the program.



Holiday Reminder:

In the spirit of this holiday season, I will work hard to

be considerate of others, pray for them,

and work with my family

 to help make the holidays brighter for others!


1.Gifts should be unwrapped. 

2.Please DO NOT include: Toy guns, used items, aerosol sprays, glass bottles, or homemade food products.


Our ARK kids will perform their annual Christmas Program Thursday, Dec 15th at the Episcopal Church, family and friends welcome!


December 15th at 5:30 pm

3:30 kids will arrive as scheduled on the bus for ARK,

we will have a quick snack and practice.


Kids get ready at 5 pm

** Parents if you wish for your children to be dressed in items different than they were at school, feel free to bring and help them get changed, they will be in full costume so, these outfits will only be seen afterwards. As for hair and makeup, they will generally have headpiece costumes, but Angels will only have halos. 


Christmas Program @ 5:30 pm


Pizza and cake afterwards


** Don’t forget this is the last opportunity to help support our Christmas Charity - Cathedral Home for Children."

Image by Al Elmes
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